Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Seeing is Believing

Picking out a garage door is a big decision, and it's a decision made more difficult by limiting yourself to pictures on brochures or the internet. These are incredible resources, no doubt, but there's something to be said for hearing the difference in insulation levels of steel doors, feeling the texture of a wooden door panel, or seeing the most popular panel designs side by side, reviewing their true color in sunlight. 

Our offices, located in the Central Maui Baseyard, include Maui's only physical showroom dedicated to garage doors and operators, and our knowledgeable office staff can answer questions on new door solutions and accessories alike. We have a wide selection of popular designs on display, including window openings and color swatches for nearly all materials. We can answer questions on and explain the benefits of steel, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass doors, let you know which does best on the different parts of our island, and show them all to you side-by-side. Google can find you anything, but we're one of the only places on island for you to see it for yourself. 

But technology also has its place, and another way we help you visualize the perfect door is our new, interactive tablet. With this tool we're able to take the conversation from our physical displays to a custom portrait of how these solutions will look on your home, as well as the full customization options available to you. And if you don't see something you like, we can also work on a completely custom door in a variety of materials that will work best for your unique situation. As always, estimates are completely free.

As our thanks to you all this year, we'd like to invite you to come in and say hello - to bring it back to basics and talk story about what we can do for you, in person. Visit our showroom in the month of December and receive up to $100 off a complete door package, or 15% off any accessory. Many thanks for allowing us to be your go-to garage door service and installation solution in 2015, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2016!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

An Ounce of Prevention...

Few sayings are as consistently true as "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," and the average double-car garage door weighs in at around 280 pounds! There are a lot of parts that work together to bring that weight safely up and down multiple times per day, and the affordable, routine maintenance offered by our service plans helps to ensure they all remain in perfect operating condition. In addition to the discounted service pricing you receive as a member, when any part shows enough wear to warrant replacement, you'll receive a discount on the labor necessary to replace it.

Residential door installed by Maui Garage Doors
One size rarely fits all, and that's why we offer two service plans: semi-annual and annual. Both plans offer the same comprehensive maintenance, but heavier and custom doors, as well as doors in areas that experience higher winds or rainfall, can benefit from the more frequent monitoring offered by the six-month semi-annual plan. Commercial customers are also covered, with unique commercial service plans offered to keep industrial doors in equally impeccable order. Residential or commercial, big or small, we keep all member door and operator details in your personal file, and you never need to remember when you're due for service: our office staff will call to schedule when it's time.

Commercial shutters installed by Maui Garage Doors
At each visit, our professional technicians will: inspect and lube the operator and shaft, removing the motor cover and cleaning the unit; check the door sensitivity and clean sensor eyes; test any remotes and wall mount; lubricate and inspect track alignment, cables, rollers, spring tension, hinges, and screws; tighten all nuts and bolts; inspect and lubricate limit switches and gear drive; and check the door panels for deterioration. This comprehensive evaluation can find and eliminate problems that may later lead to significant and costly problems. 

Our awesome technicians!
As a special promotion for the month of November only, sign up and pay the members' rate at your next service call, in addition to the peace of mind afforded only through the regular upkeep of your garage door and motor. Call 871-8888 for additional details and to sign up today!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Door Won't Open? Check the Springs.

On any given day, we receive at least one call for a broken torsion spring - the unsung and unknown heroes of the residential garage door that do nearly all of the heavy lifting when you open or close your garage door. Because the torsion spring doesn't typically shatter into pieces when it breaks, it's not immediately obvious that it's the cause of the malfunction, but the signs are easy to spot: the door only opens a few inches (if at all) before shutting; the door is very heavy and maybe even impossible to open manually; and finally, the visible break or crack in the springs coiling. A story we've heard on too many occasions is that of someone hearing a loud BANG, unable to place the source of the noise, only to later discover that they can't get their garage door open. Invariably, their torsion spring has snapped in one or multiple places, and due to the tremendous, necessary pressure wound into the springs, it makes a loud noise.

A broken torsion spring.
In addition to the inconvenience of a broken spring, old or rusted springs can create a safety hazard for children, pets, or adults that may be playing near or passing under a partially open door. Ever wonder how a 1/2 or even 1/3hp motor can open and close a heavy door, or how you can manually open it without too much effort? We're all superheroes to some extent, but the truth is that the torsion springs are doing the majority of the work, and when they snap, the full weight of the door can come crashing down. For this very reason, checking and properly lubricating your springs is always on our checklist during service calls. Unfortunately, you can never know when exactly a spring will snap, but routine maintenance and replacement of visibly worn springs is a great way to potentially avoid injury and any added repairs from the door slamming shut.

Much like each model of garage door is slightly different, torsion springs are made specific to the dimensions and weight of each garage door. Maui Garage Doors keeps a large selection of the most common sizes in-stock for same-day replacement, but even if we don't have your specific spring in stock, in nearly all cases we can get you up and running that day with a temporary fix. We stock and order only the best springs, and as a result we're able to offer every spring we replace with a three-year warranty. Due to the pressure of the spring and the dangers involved in installing, it is also very important to only have these installed by a professional.

Have a broken spring or want to preemptively replace an old rusty pair? Throughout the month of October, we're happy to offer $20 off a single spring replacement and $40 off the cost of a double spring replacement. Call 871-8888 today to schedule your next service appointment! One of our professional service technicians will take a good look at your springs and inspect the rest of your door's hardware as well.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Spotlight: Heritage Collection Garage Door

Maui Garage Doors has partnered with Amarr, the nation's leading sectional garage door company, for a long time, and as Maui's only authorized dealer and service center we've installed and maintained a countless number of quality residential and commercial Amarr doors. We're proud to have this relationship, and we're excited this month to showcase one of their best steel sectional doors, the Heritage Collection. In testament to its craftsmanship, the Heritage Collection is one of the most affordable doors to offer a lifetime warranty on the paint finish (1000 and 2000 series), and a lifetime warranty on both the paint finish and hardware in its 3000 series.

The Heritage Collection's 2"-thick doors come in single-, double-, and triple-layer steel, ranging from non-insulated 24-gauge steel, to a vinyl-backed layer of 6.64 R-value polystyrene insulation, to the impressive 9.05 R-value insulated and 27-gauge steel-backed 3000 series, respectively. These doors are made in the USA, and the combination of quality components and construction, backed with the limited lifetime warranty, allows for true peace of mind. When installed by our expert technicians, routine maintenance is all it takes to ensure these doors will be welcoming you and your ohana home for generations.

Heritage Brochure - Amarr.com

Like the Stratford Collection, one of our most popular steel sectional doors, the Heritage Collection can be customized in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, and window openings. Looking for something to perfectly match your unique home? The 3000 series can even be finished in a convincing oak, walnut, or mahogany woodgrain pattern, offering the style and elegance of wood without the weight or upkeep. In nearly all cases we'll have your door on-island and installed in 6-8 weeks from the time of order.

During the month of September we're offering these dynamic and durable doors at an unbeatable price: save $50 on a single-car door and $100 on a double-car door, when purchasing a complete install package of door and operator. Call 871-8888 to schedule your FREE estimate and mention this post to lock in this special rate!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Forget to Close the Garage Door? Double-check from the Beach.

Have you ever been driving and had the thought, "Did I close the garage door?" Trust us, you're not alone. To ease the minds of garage door and gate owners everywhere, LiftMaster has developed a new line of accessories called MyQ, and we're celebrating with an August promotion of 10% off any accessory! Whether your connecting a MyQ-enabled LiftMaster operator or that of another brand, there are easy-to-install and easy-to-use accessories available to upgrade nearly any operator. 

MyQ technology works in conjunction with your home router and smartphone to enable the operation and monitoring of your garage door, gate, and select home lighting from virtually anywhere. And setup is easy: connect the Internet Gateway (828LM) to your router, create a free account on www.myliftmaster.com, download the LiftMaster MyQ Home Control app on your Android or iOS smartphone, and connect your MyQ devices via the app. From there, you're able to receive alerts directly to your phone when the door is opened or closed, check on status of your garage door or gate, and even open or close your garage door and gate from remotely.

The applications for use are nearly limitless with this technology, and we're excited to be your on-island experts. In addition to being an incredible asset for home security, MyQ technology offers peace of mind and convenience. Having a scheduled delivery but can't leave work? No worries. Open the garage door from the office to have the package securely stored in the garage. Appointment with the cable company between 8am and 4pm? Buzz 'em in via your phone when the technician calls. Safety won't be an issue, either: when operated remotely, your garage door operator will flash and beep before closing. Watch the quick video below for more information:

As Maui's only authorized LiftMaster dealer, we're thrilled to be offering 10% off the purchase of any MyQ accessory through the month of August 2015. Call 871-8888 or visit our showroom and mention the blog to save 10% off of your purchase today!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Breeze In, Bugs Out

We spend a lot of time in our garages here on Maui. Whether it's sitting around a cooler with friends or enjoying food with the ohana, an open garage is a natural gathering place. We're blessed with weather that's constantly inviting, and an open garage door is equally inviting for cool breezes, friends and neighbors, and, unfortunately, mosquitoes and other buggers. The easy solution is one that may already be by your front door: a screen! 

We've been looking into garage screen door solutions for a long time, and Maui Garage Doors is excited to finally be your on-island installer for LifeStyle screen systems. We researched other companies and even a few DIY solutions, but the LifeStyle screen is the most dynamic, durable, and easy-to-use solution we could find. As you can see from the video below, this system is about as convenient as it gets.

LifeStyle garage screens work in conjunction with your existing garage door, meaning there is no change in function to your existing door. Unlike other solutions, the LifeStyle screen is made with an entry/exit door in the middle of the screen, meaning you can leave the screen down and still have easy access to get in and out of the garage. In addition, these screens can be installed with an optional locking mechanism, and they work with existing wind-loaded garage doors and can be upgraded to an even more durable meshing for the windier parts of our island. An upgraded white mesh can even act as a privacy screen, while still allowing in a nice breeze.

We're pleased to introduce the LifeStyle screen door with a limited July promotion of $50 off the purchase and installation of a single-car screen and $100 off of the purchase and installation of a double-car screen. Call us today at 871-8888 and mention this post to book your free estimate!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Celebrate National Garage Door Safety Month with Savings!

Every June we take a moment to reflect on something that many of us might not give much regular thought to: on nearly every home, the garage door is the largest moving object. It is, essentially, a full wall that is lifted up and lowered down multiple times per day. One of the largest door operator manufacturers, LiftMaster, cites that up to 70 percent of homeowners use their garage door as the primary means of getting in and out of the home.
The "new front door."
For National Garage Door Safety Month (June), we take particular note of what is required to keep this moving wall operating smoothly and safely. Careful and consistent maintenance allows a garage door to be a convenience, instead of a worry. On Maui, our weather provides unique challenges to garage doors: high winds, high humidity, salty air, and heavy sun. This added wear on the door and its parts makes regular maintenance particularly crucial.
In addition to maintenance, it’s also important to recognize the garage door as a potentially dangerous object, particularly for pets and children. Although sensor eyes provide a safeguard in most operators, it’s best to keep the little ones away from the door when it’s operating or left open, and to have them always play away from the door. A properly functioning garage door is of little danger, but a door that has gone without maintenance or is not functioning correctly can result in serious injury.

In celebration of National Garage Door Safety Month, for a limited time Maui Garage Doors is offering $20 off of a service call! Call today at 871-8888 and mention “SAFETY” when making your service appointment!