Thursday, December 1, 2016

Springs: A Garage Door's Best Friend

Springs are the main operating system for the garage door. People often wonder how a 1/2hp motor can lift a 150- or 200-pound garage door, and the real answer is that it probably couldn't--not without a little help. This is where your garage door's springs come in. These springs are wound with an incredible amount of required tension, and it's this tension that does the majority of the work when your door is opening or closing. Maybe you like to leave your door cracked open to let in some air? That's the springs at work again. Or maybe you've opened and closed the door manually, and with surprisingly little effort. That's the springs at work for you one more time.

A broken garage door torsion spring.

We last wrote about springs over a year ago, and we think that post covered some very important information. You can view the full post here (and we recommend you do), but we'll recycle some of the key points below.

  • Springs don't usually shatter into pieces when they break, so it's not immediately obvious that a broken spring is causing a door not to open. Due to the incredible tension we talked about above, however, you are likely to hear a loud BANG when they break, and it would be very difficult or impossible to open the door manually.
  • A broken spring is one of our most common service calls.
  • In addition to inconvenience, broken or old, rusty springs can create a safety hazard for family members and pets that may be passing under an open door. For this reason, checking and properly lubricating springs is always on our checklist during all service calls.
  • Springs are made to fit your unique garage door. We keep a large number of common sizes in stock, and we can also custom make some sizes in our shop. In most cases, we're able to replace broken springs the same day, and we're always able to get you up and running with a safe, temporary fix, should a special order be necessary.

Much like garage doors and nearly everything else, springs face extra pressure due to our warm, salty air. For this reason we use only the highest quality high-cycle springs, and we stand behind this quality with our own 3-year warranty.

To close out another great year with you all, we're offering our biggest savings ever on spring replacements. During the month of December 2016, save $50 off of any single-car door spring replacement, and save an incredible $100 off any double-car door spring replacement! Whether you have a broken spring or preemptively want to replace an old pair, use code word SPRINGS to take advantage of this great deal when calling 871-8888 to schedule your appointment!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Giving Thanks

We may not always remember it, but Thanksgiving is more of a Hawaiian holiday than we might imagine. Before Plymouth Rock and what most people think of as the meaning behind Thanksgiving, Native Hawaiians already had a festival of thanks, celebrating a successful harvest for an entire season. In order not to compete with the existing November holiday of La Kuokoa, King Kamehameha III declared December 31 a national holiday of Thanksgiving, making it a national holiday 14 years before Lincoln declared it as such (we now of course celebrate in November alongside our mainland neighbors). What does this have to do with garage doors? Well, nothing directly, but this month we're giving thanks and remembering some of our own history.

One of the things we're most thankful for is our rich history here on Maui, and the opportunities that led to us being Maui's oldest garage door company. It takes a long time to earn trust, and we take that responsibility seriously, dating all the way back to when we were Maui Doors, in 1975. Fast forward to 1985, when Javan is fresh out of high school and working as an employee of Maui Doors. Over the course of five years, Javan worked tirelessly and grew the garage door portion of the business to its own enterprise, eventually assuming ownership in 1990, when we officially became Maui Garage Doors. 

Javan & Keri Quinsaat, Owners

Today, we're still the same family-owned-and-operated business we've always been, but we've continued to grow and build on the trust of quality service we've worked to establish throughout our history. We maintain a physical location and showroom, are fully accredited, a member of the Better Business Bureau, and an active member of the International Door Association. And we couldn't have done any of it without you all, or without the dedication, professionalism, and expertise of our incredible staff. So from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU, MGD O'HANA!

To express our gratitude, we're offering 10% off any service or repair calls in the month of November. Mention promo code THANKFUL when calling 871-8888 to schedule your appointment. Please also feel free to share something you're thankful for this month. We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Wi-Fi Enabled Operators: Access Anywhere

One of our most popular posts last year focused around new technology that allows you to control and check the status of your garage door from anywhere on our beautiful island (or the world). This was no huge surprise: Since the first electric overhead garage door opener was invented in 1926, the way most of us have gotten in and out of our garages has been with the push of button, either on a remote or a wall switch. When we no longer had to get out of our cars to open the door, that was a huge deal, but we always had to be within immediate proximity of the door itself. Thanks to LiftMaster's MyQ technology, you now don't even have to be in the same country, and it's allowed for some incredible peace of mind and improved home security.

Previously available only through the addition of a retrofit package or accessory, MyQ functionality is now seamlessly integrated in a number of LiftMaster's world-class operators via built-in Wi-Fi! Models include a 3/4hp belt-drive operator, a 3/4hp chain-drive operator, and the impressive DC battery backup belt-drive operator. These operators are strong enough to lift the heaviest of doors, and with built-in Wi-Fi and MyQ technology, you can do so from a remote or the LiftMaster smartphone app on your phone or tablet. Additionally, all three of these models include LiftMaster's patented Security 2.0 functionality, ensuring that there's no crossover with a neighbor's garage door remote, for example.

With MyQ, you can monitor the status of your door, receive garage door activity alerts, and open or close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. It even works on gates! With the appropriate accessory, you can even control the lights in your home, all through the same free app. With these new operators, they simply connect to your existing home wireless network. It's as easy as selecting your home network and entering your network password. Check out the video below for additional information on the functionality of MyQ technology.

As Maui's only authorized LiftMaster dealer, we're pleased to be offering 10% off the purchase and installation of any Wi-Fi Enabled LiftMaster operator, through the month of October 2016. Use code WI-FI when calling 871-8888 to schedule your FREE estimate today!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Win a New Garage Door!

It's often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for one lucky winner, garage door beauty will be measured by the eyes of the Maui Garage Doors o'hana. For the first time ever, we're having a contest! During the month of September, we'll be accepting submissions for our "Ugly Garage Door" contest. Additional details and rules follow below.

To Enter: From September 01, 2016 - September 30, 2016, e-mail a picture of the outside front of your garage door (e.g., take the picture by standing straight on looking at your closed garage door from your driveway) to with the subject line "Ugly Door Contest." In your e-mail, please include your name, best e-mail address, best contact phone number, and one or two sentences about the history of the door (approximately how old it is, the story of its decline, etcetera).

How it Works: All entries will be shared on the Maui Garage Doors' Facebook page on October 1, 2016. Public voting (liking) on Facebook will close at 5:00pm on Monday, October 10. For a vote to count, the person voting must like both the image and the Maui Garage Doors' Facebook page. The winner will be the image with the most verified likes and will be announced by 5:00pm on Friday, October 14, 2016.

What You'll WIN: A standard-size garage door INSTALLED! Door upgrades and larger sizes are available for an additional charge. (A standard-size garage door is considered to be a 16' x 7' Amarr Stratford 1000, Solid (no windows), in White.)

The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Only residential doors will be considered. Only likes of the officially shared image on our page will register as a vote (meaning that an image shared on your page must still be liked on the MGD Facebook page), and the individual voting must have also liked the MGD Facebook page. Winning prize has no cash value and is not transferrable to cash. By entering, you give consent to have the image and story you submit shared publicly on the MGD Facebook page. Upon accepting the prize, the winning party also agrees to have a before/after image of their home, their name, and their image used by Maui Garage Doors for promotional and advertising purposes. Winning prize and free installation is limited to the island of Maui only. Residents of Hana, Lana'i, or Moloka'i will be subject to additional fee for transportation of materials and additional travel time for technicians.

Have questions about the contest, or an ugly door that can't wait for contest results? Call 871-8888 to schedule your FREE estimate today!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Quality Without Cost: Martin Standard Steel

Loyal readers will have by now realized that we're fans of alliteration, so when August rolls around, it's naturally time to showcase something with quality--we wouldn't put our name behind it if it didn't meet our expectations for quality--but that is also affordable. (Get it? August...affordable?) This month's topic could not meet these requirements better. Comparable to one of our most popular doors, the Stratford Series by Amarr, Martin's Standard steel door is a top-quality door at an affordable price.

The Martin Standard comes in three classic panel styles and four steel paint colors, but customization options are nearly limitless with an incredibly wide range of powder coat colors and window options. An upgraded hardware package will also provide a lifetime warranty, while sections and colors are guaranteed by a strong, five-year warranty. Depending on your needs, four insulation options are also offered: steel only, steel + insulation, steel + insulation + steel, and an impressive steel + two insulation layers + steel.

Martin backs their doors with a trusted name that's been in the industry since 1936. Since that time, the company has remained in Martin family while expanding offerings and improving on quality with the newest technologies. They've focused on safety by inventing (and patenting) a finger safety system for section joints called FingerShield, and have been recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for "build[ing] to a higher standard." These advances have led to them being an international name, selling in 93 countries. We're proud to offer them here on Maui.

We're kicking off August with a great promotion for the Martin Standard door: $50 off of a single-car door installed, and $100 off of a double-car door installed. To take advantage of this great promotion, use promo code MARTIN when calling 871-8888 to schedule your FREE estimate today!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Showcase: Ziegler Doors

Before we offer a new product here at Maui Garage Doors, we do a lot of research to determine if it's of appropriate quality, both in its performance in Maui's micro-climates and its manufacturing. When possible, we use products from companies with values similar to ours, that manufacture and operate on as local a level as possible, and that don't take shortcuts to put profit over quality. This month we're excited to share with you one of our newest finds: the phenomenal, custom doors from Ziegler Doors, Inc.

Since 1969, Ziegler Doors has been a family business, operating out of Orange County, California. While the possibilities of their custom doors are limitless, the've made a name for themselves by creating high-quality, hand-crafted doors that replicate "old world" architecture. As door technology has advanced over the years, so has Ziegler's offerings, now including a recycled, composite door that they stand behind with a lifetime warranty.

Of their offerings, we've seen strong performance from their custom wood and composite Eco doors, and we're excited to now be offering both on Maui! Their residential custom wood doors can be made from nearly any wood species found in the world, and you can choose from one of their designs or work with us to create something completely unique to your home. Being environmentally conscious has always been a focus for us, and their composite Eco doors maintain quality and customization while using all recycled wood product for a beautiful product.

We're excited this month to be offering the BIGGEST SAVINGS EVER on these doors: For the month of July only, save $75 off any single car door and $150 off of any double car door! Call 871-8888 and use promo code ZIEGLER when scheduling your FREE estimate today!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

$ave Safely During National Garage Door Safety Month

It's June, and that means it's once again time to celebrate National Garage Door Safety Month! We've talked before on the blog about the importance of preventative maintenance, so we won't say more here than the fact that a large number of issues with your door and operator are avoidable and detectable with regular, routine maintenance (hint: service plan!). Instead, this month we'd like to look at the importance of garage door safety and provide you with some good tests that you can use on your own. Although this knowledge can help to save you some money, we still have a great promo for this month for when you do need a service call.

Last year we mentioned that the garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home, and how 70% of homeowners use the garage door as their primary entrance to their home. These stats are still true today, and that means that it's still just as important today as ever to make sure things are running smoothly. Not all problems are obvious, and that's why each time we visit your home we have an extensive checklist to check on the integrity and operation of all of the moving parts. The garage is a natural gathering place for us here on Maui, and National Garage Door Safety Month is a great opportunity to get a questionable door back in order or replaced.

Luckily, you don't have to be a technician to do some very basic checks on your own. Check out the video, provided by LiftMaster, below for some great tips that you can utilize at home. Keep in mind that these checks are intended to test the operation of a properly functioning door. If you suspect any issues or have been having any trouble with your door, please do not perform these simple tests. The theme of this month is safety, afterall, so please, please call us before putting yourself or your family or pets at any risk!

Did any of your tests not pass? If so, give us a call to schedule an appointment immediately. During the month of June we're excited to be offering $20 off the cost of any service call, PLUS a FREE kids safety coloring book! Use promo code SAFETY when calling 871-8888 to book your service appointment. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Why We Use LiftMaster

There are a lot of commercial and residential door and automatic gate operators on the market. We have accessories, parts, and the expertise to maintain nearly all of them, but when we need to replace an operator or are furnishing a brand new door installation, we install LiftMaster. There are a number of reasons for that decision, and they include LiftMaster's longstanding commitment to quality, as well as their continued dedication to innovation and full range of solutions. It's for these same reasons that we are proud to be Maui's only Authorized LiftMaster Dealer.

LiftMaster has been the industry leader for residential, commercial, and gate operators for over 45 years. With this long history they've developed and maintained important advancements in safety, quality, and innovation. Nearly all of their operators include a lifetime motor warranty, as well as an additional 1-5 year warranty on parts, depending on model. Their patented P3 motors also include the latest safety features, including optional battery back-up on select models, ensuring safe operation for your family, pets, and guests.

Not content with having some of the safest and most reliable operators, LiftMaster recently introduced their MyQ technology. We've discussed this technology some previously. MyQ brings full connectivity to your garage and home to your smartphone, tablet, and computer, allowing for ease of use and peace of mind. From anywhere in the world, you can know whether your door is open or closed, and even operate the door remotely to allow for package delivers or the entry of a guest. For additional information on LiftMaster's history, products, and future innovations, please visit their website.

In celebration of our partnership with LiftMaster, we're offering $50 off of ANY LiftMaster operator and installation package, as well as 10% off of ANY LiftMaster accessory. Use promo code LIFTMASTER when you call 871-8888 for additional information and to schedule your free estimate!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Old School Values, Modern Expertise

We're a small, family-run business, and we're proud of that. It wasn't until a few years ago that our office moved away from doing everything on paper, and our office and showroom is still in the same place it has been for a long time: the Central Maui Baseyard - our home! We're proud of the fact that we, still to this day, do a lot of business from talking story face-to-face. There's a lot to be said for that kind of interaction, and it can't be captured by any new technology. But when it comes to talking to garage doors, gates, operators, and all of their evolving technologies, it's important to us to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest.

The Maui Garage Doors O'hana
For over a decade, we have been proud members of the International Door Association (IDA), adhering to their Code of Conduct and our own commitment to excellence and, frankly, doing the right thing. Since 1995, the IDA has ensured that its members, among other things, prioritize customer satisfaction, do business with honesty and integrity, work safely and in accordance with specifications for installation, and both make available and honor warranties. We've been thrilled to consistently earn the badge of membership under the IDA, going beyond a manufacturer's warranty and putting a warranty on our own labor.
To keep our family business strong and prepared to best serve you for years to come, we're investing in ourselves and sending two of our field technicians to this year's IDAExpo, happening later this month in Las Vegas. This expo is the one and only major forum for door dealers and manufacturers, including a showcase on new products and technologies, as well as multiple days of educational workshops, where our techs will beef up on their expertise and receive certifications to better serve Maui, Lana'i, and Moloka'i with.
In celebration of new technologies, for the month of April we're excited to offer a FREE upgrade from a chain- to belt-drive operator, with the purchase and installation of any door & LiftMaster operator! Use the promo code EXPO when calling 871-8888 for your free estimate today!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Maui Garage...Gates?

We do gates! This isn't necessarily news--we've been doing gates for a number of years--but our name might not make it completely obvious. Sure, a gate could be considered a door, but we digress. In addition to our residential and commercial door expertise, we've been installing and maintaining gates and gate operators for Maui's residents and businesses for a long time. This month we're thrilled to be discussing gates, not only because we're excited to be your on-island solution, but also because we've discovered a beautifully crafted, durable aluminum gate that looks amazingly like wood.
Much like finding a garage door that stands up to our sunshine, wind, and salty air can be a challenge, a similar issue exists for gates. Knotwood Gates has created an aluminum gate that is finished in a durable powdercoat, and through a process called sublimation, they're able to offer a huge range of wood grain finishes (over 26). If a wood grain finish isn't appropriate for your home, solid colors are also available. We're proud to offer Knotwood Gates because they stand behind their workmanship with a 15-year warranty.
In addition to providing a quality product, being environmentally conscious is also extremely important to us both as a company and as individuals. Knotwood Gates' marine-grade aluminum is non-toxic, non-polluting, and 100% recyclable. And in their manufacture, they maintain a low carbon footprint and have no VOC emissions. This is an addition to your home that allow you to feel good and complement your home in exceptional design.
For the month of March, we're excited to offer 5% off any gate special order when you use the promo code "KNOTWOOD." Call 871-8888 for your free estimate and to get more information on this great product. Or just call to talk story - we love hearing from you!

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Garage With a Breeze

After a lengthy process of review to find the perfect garage door screen solution, last year we introduced Maui to the LifeStyle Garage Screen, and we also discussed it some here on the blog. Since that time, we've had the privilege to convert even more of Maui's garages into the perfect hangout spaces that they're meant to be. Whether it's getting some friends together and watching the big game, a family gathering, or relaxing after a long day of work, on Maui the garage is like a living room.
Although we've been installing more and more of these incredible screens, they're still a relatively new concept. As such, we wanted to share a short video that one of our installers, Jon, captured recently. You can see the clip from that installation below. There's no restriction in use with your existing garage door, and the screen easily goes up and down to keep out bugs while providing an open, inviting, and breezy space to catch up with friends. Also showcased in the video, and most impressive about the screen (and certainly the most unique among garage screen doors) is the entry/exit door. It's hard to get more convenient than that.

LifeStyle screens are available with an upgraded privacy meshing, and also a number of colors; it won't be hard to find a solution to meet the unique needs of your garage. As you saw in the video above, these screens are also incredibly easy to put up and down. And when the weather picks up, there's also a vinyl cover available, meaning that you can keep the view without letting the rain in. Truly, we think you'll be amazed by how much a screen can transform your garage.
We're excited this month to offer $50 off any single-door screen and $100 off any double-door screen purchase and installation. To take advantage of this month's promotion, mention "SCREEN" when calling 871-8888 for your FREE estimate and additional information about these incredible screens. We look forward to making your garage the ultimate place to relax!

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Look

Happy New Year, Maui Garage Doors 'ohana! We had a busy, fun-filled 2015 with all of you, and we're looking forward to keeping it going in 2016. With a new year comes new opportunities--opportunities for new challenges, new changes, and new friends. We look forward to tackling each of these in 2016 by finding new ways to continue providing customer-focused, affordable service, helping you give the largest moving part on your home an update (or installing your very first garage door), and continuing to do business how it was meant to be done: locally.

Happy New Year! Please note that we will not replace your driveway with sand ;)
2015 brought a number of face lifts for us: we got a new website, a few new, great office employees and talented, professional technicians, and we remodeled our showroom (as featured in our December 2015 post). Most recently, we've updated our website to reflect the many new doors and operators available, including doors from some quality, trusted vendors that are new to the Maui Garage Doors' lineup. Of course our best-selling Amarr doors are still available in their endless styles and materials, and we've added a number of steel, aluminum, custom wood, specialty, and composite doors from the craftsmen at Ziegler and Martin Doors. 

Custom wood door by Ziegler Doors.
Perhaps unexpectedly, garage doors and the technology involved in their design and creation have evolved significantly over the years, enhancing durability and allowing for nearly limitless customization. This is exciting for us, and it's certainly a victory for anyone looking at garage doors in 2016. When we started in 1975, no one would have guessed that in 2016 we'd be installing fiberglass doors in Waihe'e that looked like fine wood but withstood the wind and rain and without the upkeep, but now that's the reality. What a world! 

Pinnacle V-Groove (steel) by Martin Doors.
You really have to see some of these doors to believe what's possible, and that's why we're excited to kick off the new year by focusing on all of these new possibilities. During the month of January, mention this post and receive a free Maui Garage Doors vinyl sticker and pen with your free estimate. And if you decide to upgrade you're existing door with a new one, we'll waive the takedown and disposal fee to remove and properly dispose of your existing door! Call 871-8888 to schedule your free estimate today!